Day Nine – Mountains & More Mountains

Day Nine – Blue Ridge Parkway vs Interstate

No rain today on us.  Sunshine by afternoon.  Breakfast of champions at Chic-fil-a in Harrisonburg, VA. Happy Mother’s Day flower to go with my chicken!

We pulled out around 8:30 am. We hit I-81 and made our way to the Blue Ridge Parkway – Acton, VA mile marker 0. The north end of the parkway.

The road less traveled from noon til 4:00 – 4 hours got us 120 miles closer to home! (that’s an average of 30 mph)

I am such a country girl, I loved the landscape!  And Charles was quite the trouper.  He was such a safe driver and he pulled over a few dozen times for me to snap a shot.  I could post a hundred pics! Beautiful!!!


We got off the parkway at mile marker 120 – Roanoke and back on I-81. Bristol 145 miles.  And we pulled into Bristol on the Virginia side at 6:30.

We asked the sweet girl at the desk where was a great “local” place to eat? We can eat Olive Garden in Birmingham!  She recommended Quaker Steaks and Lube.  Of course they used the car racing theme to name all their items on the menu!  I can’t criticize, my church use “football” terminology to describe all our weekly serve opportunities!


Charles wanted ribs and I ordered wings.  We shared.  We both ate even after we were full.

Back to the room and ready for a good nights sleep. It’s Home tomorrow!

I had to sneak in a photo from last night.  Charles’ favorite night site!

Today I am so thankful for: God’s creation!  for mountain roads and interstate! And for a good bed!

Night yall! 



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