About me…

Hi! I am a follower of Christ and want every area of my life to reflect His light and to be the kind of woman that when others look at me they are drawn to His light.image

I have been married for thirty-seven years to my Boaz. We have two married childen and I was way too young for them to make us grandparents but we have four of the cutest grandbabies ever born! (We have certainly embraced our rolls as Honey and Poppy!)

We are part of a life-giving church in Birmingham, Alabama where we love serving in the area of our gifts and talents. Church of the Highlands. My heart is women’s small groups. I have been leading groups for seven years and it never ceases to amaze me how God uses me to help other women. Me, complete with warts and all. Despite myself, He shows up in my living room and blesses our small group week after week. He will do the same for you if you only invite Him to join you!

I am recovering from a full year of Chemotherapy due to a breast cancer diagnosis. I am a different person because of it. Hopefully making me better, more merciful and forever grateful.  In appearances, I’ve gained weight because of the steroids and my hair is growing back, slowly but surely and now curly.

On the inside there is a much greater change. That’s what this blog is about….sharing the things that God has shown me, whispered in my ear or put before me loud and clear.

I welcome you to come along as I reflect with perspective.

~ Cindy


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